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Can Fan Satellite Ultimate Pack with Can Lcd Computer Control System

$700.00 AUD

or 4 payments of $175.00 AUD with Afterpay

This awesome combo deal has the Sattellite and the Can LCD Controller together , this is Recognised as the Worlds Most Advanced And Reliable Controls

The Can Fan Creators RUCK VENTILATOREN are the worlds leaders in High Efficiency Fan design and NO ONE has EVER come close to copying them ,

CAN Recognised that thier fans are So Reliable that people have them for 5-8 yrs ar more and only changer if say Upgrading a room to need a bigger system ,

They knew that the NEW EC FAN MOTOR Tech was coming out and wished existing Owners to have the Full benefits of the Computer Control System that Ruck had designed for the new Ec Fans

So CAN Used In house Engineers working closely with Ruck to Create a work Of Genius .
A 4 amp capacity 2 socket Transformer based Controller that can be used on any of the CAN FAN range , Now With The LCD controller we have total control with

multi zone in/out capable with Negative Pressure monitoring , humidity and Night And Day Temps are A breeze , scuse the pun!


With the first ever fan speed controller 100% compatible with Iso-Max 1 speed, you can control your one speed fan, and other fans, without any humming or vibration. The Satellite uses a 4A 6 step transformer that will control one or two Iso-Max 1 speed, as exhaust air fans, or one for exhaust air and the other for intake air. The Satellite 4A is also equipped with a jack connection that makes it possible to connect our popular Can Fan LCD EC fan controller, making its 13 control functions also available for Iso-Max.