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Can Fan Controller – 3.5Amp Transformer Tech -No Fan Humm at All!


$450.00 AUD $325.00 AUD

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This is the official Ruck Controller , Extremely Reliable and Built  like a German Tank!

We tried SMSCOM controllers but after the reliability Issues we are super happy to have the REAL DEAL for our Can FANS

3.5 amps capacity and as CAN FANS are built by the World Leader RUCK VENTILATOREN in Germany they are Extremely Efficient , even a CAN MAX 355MM is only using 160 watts which is 0.66 amps!

The transfomers are designed to Perfectly Match the ruck built  CAN FANS and is THE Recommended Controller for CAN FANS  (CAN EC USE THE LCD CONT),

so no Damage is occuring to the motors and capacitors


Offering a silent way to reduce the airflow of a fan, the Ruck Transformer Based Speed Controller – 3.5A is a robust and reliable addition to any grow room.

Manually adjustable through five different voltage levels corresponding to fan speeds, the advantage of the voltage stepper over variable resistors is the lack of hum created by the resistance.

As well as being unwanted noise, this hum is also a sign that the capacitors in the fan are being put under strain and their lifespan is being reduced. This is especially true when a variable resistor is used with the larger inline fans.