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Sunmaster 315W Full Nova


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The Sunmaster 315 CMH Lamp – FULL NOVA has now been released onto the Australian market. There are two models: 3800k – For Grow and 3000k – For Flower.

The title FULL NOVA comes from the result of 14 months of development to produce a fully tailored spectrum. The lamps produce a significant amount of blue (8% more) with an
amazing boost of extra red (22%). Over the entire spectrum FULL NOVA lamps produce a far better spectral balance; much closer to sunlight than other major brands.

FULL NOVA has a full, nutritional spectrum which contrasts heavily with the partial, or non-balanced spectrum provided by other light sources such as LED and HPS.

FULL NOVA grow lamps deliver nutritional light, weighted in all areas of the spectrum to support critical areas of plant growth including chlorophyll A, chlorophyll B and carotenoids.