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We Are Really Excited as we have Finished the Testing on “Terps” and it has literally Blown away ANY quality Booster we have ever used Before , Developed In Holland and Tested By Lucky Peeps here In Radelaide and BC Canada with Outstanding Results .

A precise balance of essential plant growth compounds and micronutrients has been formulated to provide optimum terpene yield when used with a suitable P/K supplement.

Can Be Used with ANY Grow System from DWC to Cocoponics  , as there is No Nutrient salts it can be used with your Favorite PK’s Like BAC f1 and Frooting Power to Really max out the Ultimate Rickyness ever Experienced in your Flowers ,

When to use Terps?

Terps is used during the later stage of the bloom phase to enhance the flavour, aroma and quality of your fruits. (2ml to 1ltr of water)

For best results, use Terps from week 4 of bloom onwards.

The High Monks Of Terpmenistan have resurfaced to teach the World the Ancient Plant Language of “Terpenese”

What Are Terps

Warning Good Filtration Is essential as this product with Fill the Room with Terpenes so Potent , All The Cool Cats in The neighbourhood will be Hanging Out for your Nip