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This is the Most Awesome Root Promoter and Outstanding Plant Immune System Booster that we have Ever Used! 

its so good that the product we used to Independently Recommend has threatened to Sue us (for comparing it) on Our Own web site!

  It has Completely Overgrown All Competition Due to Working better and saving money for  Our Awesome Evolutionary Growers and Ushered in A New Era  , It is sold in Holland and Canada under different names by some extremely reputable companies!

We here At Glandore Hydro Are Very happy as After 2 years in development In HOLLANDCanada and Australia and  1.5yrs Rigorous Testing in Extreme Situations we can Honestly say finally Here’s a product that performs Better than  anything we or our customers have used in over 15yrs of experience  In  Every way , Not only is it way cheaper  but also Double the Concentration! than the nearest competitor ,


Ryzo is Specifically designed to promote rapid root and shoot establishment in newly planted crops. This product can be used as a very effective “rescue remedy” during times of stress (heat, wind, cold, under/over watering, transplant stresses etc) or generally unhealthy, sick, or slow growing plants. Ryzo is ideal for re-potting and transplanting new or old plants.


  • Promotes rapid establishment of new plantings including turf, young trees, strawberries and vegetable seedlings.
  • Vigorous root growth delivers more uptake of nutrition, more CO2 production for photosynthesis and enhanced stress resistance.
  • Superior shoot production is the essence of proactive vigour and plant health.
  • Can be fertigated for root response or foliar fertilised to boost shoot production.

Directions of use

  • Always shake well.
  • Cuttings & Seedlings; For Explosive white root development, mix 1-2ml of Ryzo per liter of water or working nutrient solution on new seedlings or cuttings to stimulate root growth. Can be used as a bare root soak.
  • Repair, Revive & Stress Relief; Mix 1-2ml of Ryzo per liter of nutrient solution.
  • Keep Plants Extremely Healthy; Mix 0.5-1ml of Ryzo per liter of nutrient solution.

Available in

250ml ,1LTR, 5LTR SIZE