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$60.00 AUD

or 4 payments of $15.00 AUD with Afterpay

If you wish to DOUBLE YOUR PLANTS size ie 2 weeks growth in one week This is the Additive Youve Been Dreaming Of

If you wait till the plant is filling out the Pot and then run Grrow the Plant will Double its Growth Rate over the next week so we advise not running a few days before “turning” as its still Pumping

It Exponentially Amps the Plants Growth with NO NODE ELONGATION due to Its well balanced formula of Bio Stimulants

With Power Prices tripling over the years we can Now Take a week out of grow time with Ease

ALSO if you have a plant that seems Stunted and have identified and solved any root problems that may have caused it then you can Run Grrow on that plant to Retrigger its internal Genetic Switches allowing it to grow vigorously again and this is a Gamechanger for growers